Beginners’ luck!

You must remember how I kept begging you all to like my photo, so I could qualify to the final level of my school’s photography contest. Well, it paid off! The winner is declared and guess what? C’est moi!! 😀

Though I’m nothing but an amateur beginner, I was told the “jury”  got so impressed by  my photos and that I got the highest score! YAAY! 😀

Here’s a sample of my entries:

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For the record, it was an unofficial contest, which means the winner gets nothing, but I feel so happy and proud!

It’s beginners’ luck! 😉 😀


Scenes: (10) Accidental awesomeness!

Photography for me has always been mere a click on the shutter button and waiting for what comes. The other day my friend showed me some photos she captured using her professional camera. It got me jealous to be honest, I spent the rest of the day reading my camera’s manual, and astonishingly, I discovered pretty awesome features I never was aware that my modest camera has!

Here’re some photos I shot at college today!

“Color accent” effect.


“Color accent” effect, same tree.


Same tree, “Super Vivid effect”.













*** Picture11

*** Picture12

*** Picture13


This one’s at home! 🙂


A box of memories..

Source: Google images.

Papers and plastic bags have piled on the basement floor as she’s gone on the cleaning chore. She’s sitting there sorting out and labeling what needs recycling and what goes to the trash when an outworn small wooden box grasps her attention. Her fingers reach out to the rusty lock and manage to open the mystery box unveiling a cluster of photos amid other things she can’t make out. A chuckle flees her mouth at recalling the people lining in a photo she picked, memories of the old days float to the surface of her mind..

Back then, she was a typical fool; irresponsible and dreamy. She used to be aimless and clumsy, her priority was her looks and her worst nightmare was missing the prom. That day when she lined up with her friends taking photos was her sweet 16, look at how old she has grown!

Shuffling through the pics, warmth rush into her system as flickers of her old life sneak before her eyes. She bursts out laughing when the memory of the guy who lived next door nudges her, how on earth could she have a crush on a boy with that length of hair or that amount of smoke coming out of his mouth?! Back then she wasn’t aware that manhood isn’t measured with how “funky” one looks!

The squeak of the door behind her draws her back to reality and she turns to face the little girl standing at the doorstep. “Hunnie, what brought you down here? Have you finished your milk?” The girl nodded. “Bravo! Let’s make you a sandwich!”… The box of memories has to wait on the floor until the little girl is fed.

Inspired by The Daily Post At‘s Daily Prompt: “Sweet Sixteen“.

Scenes: (7) Sunrise!

It’s been a while since I last captured photos; such luxury isn’t at hand with final exams emerging at the horizon. However, I couldn’t help but grab my camera few days back when I happened to be awake to watch the sun rising! 😀






Scenes: (5) Students vs. Killers!

As long as authorities keep oppressing, murdering and stealing our rights, all the photos I capture are going to portray marches and protests..

Last Wednesday and the day after, I marched to the Ministry of Defense, protesting against SCAF‘s brutal crimes and killing our colleagues along with thousands of students from many colleges, chanting “Down with SCAF” and demanding them to “LEAVE”!

# Here’s how the SCAF secured the building:

Because killers always hide..

# Girls hugely took part in the protest:

# Random:

A poster for Alaa Abd El Hady, hung over a lamp-post..

I didn't capture this one, source:


# A video uploaded by one of the organizers:


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Scenes: (4) Capturing magnificence!

It’s been like forever since I last had a perfect mini-vacation. My last 4 days were beyond perfect! 😀
Spending a good time with my family whether indoors or hanging out, enjoying the terrific scenes of Cairo was exactly what I needed to get out of the ordinary routine of college. My sister & I have captured HUNDREDS of photos. I’ve been shuffling through the pics for hours before finally settling on these!

#Al-Masah Hotel & Spa:





Green areas are endless in there, it’s the right place for kids, for a barbecue and even for meditating-nature-lovers! 🙂

#Wandering with a “Nile Bus”:

I’m sorry they haven’t yet invented cameras to capture the soothing Autumn breeze!!


El Gezirah Hotel.


Four Seasons Hotel.


Widest part of the Nile.


Nile cruise.


Another Nile cruise & “Cairo Tower”  behind.


Cairo Tower.


Cairo Tower, far view.


Cairo Tower, fading at the horizon..


World’s highest flagpole, a recent record in Guinness!


“Ramses Hilton” hotel.


“Maspiro” building.


Ministry of Foreign Affairs building.

Random buildings..

Isn’t it magnificent?? 😀

Scenes: (3) Memories from the Emirates..

Staying in UAE gives you a very lucky chance to capture memorable photos. Now that I’m back home, I thought of bringing up some memories. Here’s my favorite collection, shot by my friends except the 1st one; I shot it myself. 🙂

Abu Dhabi Flagpole; one of the top highest flagpoles in the world.

Dubai’s famous “Burj Khalifa”; world’s tallest structure. I hate that I had no chance to get to the top!

“Burj Khalifa”; night view.

“Burj Al Arab Hotel”; Dubai’s most popular 5-star luxury hotel.

Dubai Mall Aquarium; the scene there was marvelous!  I took this pic from Google ’cause our shots weren’t clear at all.

Dubai Mall Aquarium;  from Google too.