2013’s blogging review!

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2013 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A New York City subway train holds 1,200 people. This blog was viewed about 4,300 times in 2013. If it were a NYC subway train, it would take about 4 trips to carry that many people.

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Confessions of a semi-doctor: (18) THE FINALE!

I’ve been planning this post for months, but as I sit at my desk to type in, words seem to have fled. My last exam ended yesterday, closing the last chapter of my medical school years. I’ve technically graduated!

The journey was tough, the path was filled with traps and hitches, and there were times when it seemed I’d never cease to suffer.. But somewhere among all this chaos, somehow, good memories shone. Funny moments and amazing friends. For some reason, all the crap I went through no longer matters! ūüôā

P.S. Until results are out, I need everyone who stumbles by this post to pray that my friends and I would pass our latest excruciating Ob/Gyn exam. None of us is by any means ready to study again for 6 more months!

Coming soon..

Confessions of a house officer!

A box of memories..

Source: Google images.

Papers and¬†plastic bags have piled¬†on the basement floor as she’s gone on the cleaning chore. She’s sitting there sorting out and¬†labeling what needs recycling and what goes to the trash when an outworn¬†small wooden box grasps her attention. Her fingers reach out to the rusty lock and manage to open the mystery box unveiling a cluster of photos amid other things she can’t make out.¬†A¬†chuckle¬†flees her mouth at recalling the people lining in a photo she picked, memories of the old days float to the surface of her mind..

Back then, she was a typical fool; irresponsible and dreamy. She used to be aimless and clumsy, her priority was her looks and her worst nightmare was missing the prom. That day when she lined up with her friends taking photos was her sweet 16, look at how old she has grown!

Shuffling through the pics, warmth rush into her system as flickers of her old life sneak before her eyes. She bursts out laughing when the memory of the guy who lived next door nudges her, how on earth could she have a crush on a boy with that¬†length¬†of hair or that amount of smoke coming out of his mouth?! Back then she wasn’t aware that manhood isn’t measured with how “funky” one looks!

The squeak of the door behind her draws her back to reality and she turns to face the little girl standing at the doorstep. “Hunnie, what brought you down here? Have you finished your milk?” The girl nodded. “Bravo! Let’s make you a sandwich!”… The box of memories has to wait on the floor until the little girl is fed.

Inspired by¬†The Daily Post At WordPress.com‘s Daily Prompt: “Sweet Sixteen“.

Confessions of a semi-doctor: (6) Signs!

“A good doctor is a good observer.”¬†Our¬†professors keep saying! In fact, the effort a medical student exerts revolves mostly¬†around obtaining that fine skill of watching. It’s all about scanning your patients for clues, and grasping threads that lead you to a close view of whatever illness they have.. Things referred to as “signs” in every medical book..

Source: Google images.

It’s confusing as you begin learning, for it ain’t that easy to “decode” those “signs”,¬†analyze them and get a conclusion within few minutes, but eventually your eyes end up detecting random passers-by in the street!

The other day, I saw a¬†slowly walking old man with shivering lips. I found myself subconsciously observing the tremors appearing in his hands, then “Parkinsonism” came on my mind! Today, I saw a man with a staring look and protruding eyes, I automatically shifted my gaze to his neck pulsations to find them pounding strongly, then “Thyrotoxicosis” gleamed in my head!!

I know it’s awkward, but if you found someone staring at you, don’t freak out, it might be a harmless doctor trying to figure out what you have! ūüėõ ūüėõ

Guest posting!

I’m guest posting on one of my favorite blogs; “Dear Optimists”. You can check my post here! My 12-year-old sister drew the illustrations.. ūüôā

A “blessed” birthday!!

“21 is the age of responsibility. Give it a few months and you will be wondering why you were in such a hurry to get here.” ~ Unknown.

Today I turn page 21 of my life. I never thought of it as a bewitching event! What is so¬†interesting¬†about having more “responsibilities”?!!

However, birthdays are all about greetings, family, friends, gifts and cheerful stuff. And whether I like it or not, getting older is out of my hands, I’d better enjoy the day and have fun. I’m quite aware of this, no weeping.. But wait, what if my birthday is linked to death?! Yes, death and disasters!!

2 Feb, “Combat of camels”… I was born on that date too!

That was last year, people will never forget that very date, not because I was born of course, but because people got killed! I wanted to get over and move on this year, but over 70 got killed in Port Said¬†last night¬†(another nasty act planned by SCAF)!!! Today is literally a tragic day in here, there’s¬†mourning, prayers for the martyrs, and marches against SCAF! How dare I consider the thought of celebrating?!!

Sarcastically, a friend of mine tweeted me this, she’s right somehow!

Translation: “Your birthday causes us troubles every year by the way!!”

“#Feb2” is being hash-tagged on Twitter now, and the Tweets aren’t any pleasing!¬†I wonder, can’t we omit this deathly date from the calendar?!

Memorizing freedom..

In the memory of Jan. 25th revolution, and restoring the revolutionary spirit of Tahrir square, I re-blog this post… I know it’s been near a month since I last blogged, but it’s a long story, I’ll tell it later on, when I get a chance.. Enjoy the lyrics!

Hey you, the “square”...

Scenes: (3) Memories from the Emirates..

Staying in UAE gives you¬†a very lucky chance to¬†capture memorable photos. Now that I’m back home, I thought of bringing up some memories. Here’s my favorite collection, shot by my friends except the 1st one; I shot it myself. ūüôā

Abu Dhabi Flagpole; one of the top highest flagpoles in the world.

Dubai’s famous “Burj Khalifa”;¬†world’s tallest structure. I hate that I had no chance to get to the top!

“Burj Khalifa”; night view.

“Burj Al Arab Hotel”; Dubai’s most popular 5-star luxury hotel.

Dubai Mall Aquarium; the scene there was marvelous! ¬†I took this pic from Google ’cause our shots weren’t clear at all.

Dubai Mall Aquarium;  from Google too.

Scenes: (2) Back to Cairo; top shots..

Back from our last visit to UAE, and just before landing, my brother and I thought of capturing some photos…

P.S: We’re beginners when it comes to photography; we couldn’t get the shots so clear, so I picked the top 2!

“City stars”; one of the most popular shopping malls in Cairo..


It goes on..

Threads of sunlight had quietly snuck in; throwing golden shadows all over the window when the old woman had moved her chair to face the scene. Her heart had always been so attached to that view; beating lively every time she looked through¬†the window, that she‚Äôd never missed a morning… However, that very morning, her heart was beating slowly, painfully; something had changed‚Ķ

She broke into tears for grasping how things had turned upside down without any earlier warnings. Few days back, she could watch the singing birds and the spirited butterflies, but that day, she was watching the same view through the same window without really seeing!

She let a sigh, sensing the light morning breeze infusing her hair tufts. It was a sign, alerting her that life goes on; she had lost her sight, but she needed a reminder of everything else she had gained…