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Dumb Ways to Die!

This is hilariously sick, and somehow cute!

Camping with NaNoWriMo!

Whining about my hospital duties almost made me forget, I have been a NaNoWriMo camper the past month. Although I haven’t met my writing goal, I can count myself a winner; because all my past novelling trials haven’t exceeded 3-4 chapters. This time, however, I managed to write 21 chapters! I am quite certain most of it will end up in trash, but that is just the natural course of writing; you write, delete, write again, delete again, until you wind up having something that wasn’t even on your mind when you started.

My goal was 20000 words, and I ended up with 16899, 5047 words of which I wrote on the last day; that’s a record! I could have cheated and set my time zone to the US timing, and won 7 more hours, but I was pretty satisfied (also pretty tired that my fingers were tingling)!



The hard work isn’t over, but I think I’m ready to win the next July camp! 😉 😀

24 things before turning 24!


So, after all,  last year’s list wasn’t quite a failure. With studying and exams being eliminated this year, I hope I’ll have the time and space to meet all my goals this time.

Let me start with some items I couldn’t tick off last year:

1. Finish my novel(s).

2. Win NaNoWriMo.

3. Scrub-in, preferably in an eye surgery.

4. Reach my ideal weight.

5. Finish “Insanity” workouts without twisting any joints.

6. Learn to dance.

7. Earn drivers’ license.

8. Read 20 100 books at least, including the Qur’an.

9. Speak French.

10. Play guitar.

11. Volunteer in a cause.

12. Fall in love.. or not.

And now with brand new goals:

13. Pick a specialty; I haven’t yet determined whether I should be an ophthalmologist or a psychiatrist.

14. Prepare for a fellowship in the picked specialty.

15. Save a life.

16. Run regularly for at least 3 months.

17. Run half a marathon.

18. Buy a heart rate monitor/fitness tracker.

19. Eat clean for at least a month without cheating.

20. Build abs.

21. Earn a belt in judo.

22. Go sky diving.

23. Attend a live concert.

24. Inspire more people.

What’s on your list this year??

23 things before turning 23: Review!

Source: Facebook.

So, in case you haven’t already stumbled upon my list, I had until my 23rd birthday (yesterday) to cross these 23 things off. I haven’t fulfilled half the list, but I’m pretty satisfied with what I managed to meet. 

  1. Finish my novel(s): I’m not proud to declare that my “Work In Progress” is still in progress, but in my defense, senior year ate up both my time and energy.
  2. Win NaNoWriMo: Same as above, plus, my finals started in November!
  3. Scrub-in: Preferably in an eye surgery: Didn’t happen! :/
  4. Score an A in at least one subject: Now this sounds ridiculously hilarious, because my score, in fact, has dropped big time! I’m so grateful that I actually passed, and thank God my cumulative score went unaffected.
  5. Be among the top 1st 500 students in my class: LOL! Okay, let’s say I managed to cling to the top 791! (My class is around 1500).
  6. Reach my ideal weight: Well, I’m happy to announce that I’m halfway there.
  7. Finish “Insanity” workouts without twisting any joints: I didn’t, but I finished 2 rounds of Turbo Jam, and 2 rounds Body Beast! That’s definitely SOMETHING!
  8. Learn to swim.
  9. Learn another sport: Started Judo a month ago. 😀
  10. Learn to dance: Not yet!
  11. Improve my photography skills.
  12. Earn drivers’ license: Still postponing! :/
  13. Read 20 books at least, including the Qur’an: Finished only 5! 😦
  14. Inspire someone(s): Well, some friends claim that I did. 😀
  15. Speak French: In progress.
  16. Play guitar: I wasn’t that lucky..
  17. Bake a successful cheesecake: Done, more than once! 😀
  18. Go skating: Not yet.
  19. Climb a mountain, scuba-dive or jump with a parachute: My most precious achievement! Check this post!
  20. Volunteer in a cause: Not yet.
  21. Join a book club: I did actually create one. Wanna join?? Here!
  22. Visit brand new places without traveling abroad: Go to number 19.
  23. Fall in love: I wasn’t that fortunate.

Coming soon: 24 things before turning 24!

Scenes: (12) Hiking at Saint Cathrine!

Caution: This post is so interesting! 😛

When I listed “mountain climbing” on my bucket list, I didn’t expect any chances, but it turned out I was unaware that fate had other plans! 😀 Spending the new years eve at Saint Cathrine mountains, southern Sinai felt like a dream, or an episode on National Geographic!

Needless to say, it wasn’t easy whatsoever! The nine-hour bus ride was so tiresome, but  as you arrive to the mountains and let the night cold breeze tickle your nose, and see the literally twinkling twinkling little stars, you just feel numb! I’ve never seen something so beautiful! I wish my digital compact camera could capture the scene! 😦

We started climbing just before midnight. The 7 kilometers until the top were a slippery steep path with endless hitches (I couldn’t make out what they were, because it was jet-black dark. Our torches could barely illuminate one step ahead.) The temperature was probably sub-zero, but of course we were sweating! I’m glad and thankful for the fact that I was the fittest among my friends! 😀

As the path ends, a whole new challenge begins! 750 rocky steps until the top! Taken the fact that we spent the prior couple of hours slipping and tumbling, that was distilled torture! I lost my friends in darkness, and took the steps with only one friend and a single torch!

Around 3 a.m, we made it to the top! I proudly was among the people who made it early! The weather was FREEZING, and we had more than 3 hours until sunrise, so we had to descend some steps down to a shelter, seeking some warmth!

When the golden lights of threads began sneaking into horizon, it was time to get up to the top once more. Enough talking, see for yourself!

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I thought the hardest part was over, but as we started descending, I instantly realized I was so wrong! I could now see what the hitches were; small pebbles and sands that make it impossible to stay steady! I slipped tens of times!


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I’d started thinking about my cozy bed at home and was beginning to get angry before something SO special happened! For the first time in my entire life I saw snow! REAL SNOW! I almost cried and kept jumping like a kid! 😀


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Copyrights: The accidental Blog © 2014

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I was home by 8 p.m that day, and no words can ever describe how accomplished and delighted I feel! 😀 😀

Scenes: (11) Graduation rituals!

Date: Thursday, January 2.

Place: Faculty of medicine, Ain Shams University.

Event: Fun-day (graduation ceremony).


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The most awaited day has finally come! One last day at college, but with no classes to attend or exams to stress for. No enough words can express how memorable the day was. Friends, laughter, music, photo sessions, autograph signing, fireworks and everybody just having fun!


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Then came the most exciting moment; pot shattering! In old Egyptian traditions, when someone leaves a place and you don’t want them to ever come back, you break a clay pot at the doorstep. So every year, fresh medical graduates have this pot-breaking-frenzy at the gates of college! I saved my pot by the way! 😉 😛


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Copyrights: The accidental Blog © 2014

This is less than half my class! Photo by: Horizon Photography – Sherif Elhosseiny.

Liebster Award!

I have long  given up on that sort of posts, but when it comes to a nomination from my sweet friend Nancy, I mustn’t  overlook it! 😉  So the rules say the following, and I’m quoting Nancy:

“In order to accept the nomination, I’ll be nominating 10 blogs of my own. Preferably blogs with less than 200 followers, so we can shake up traffic in those awesome, yet-to-be-discovered writers’ pages.

If I contacted you as one of the nominated bloggers, you will be required to do the following:

1. Link back and recognise the blogger who nominated you. Which is yours truly :D
2. Answer 10 questions I’ll be posting at the end of this post.
3. Nominate 10 other bloggers for the award. Come on, spread the love.
4. Create 10 questions for your nominees to answer (I know you’re catching up)
5. Notify your nominees!”

I am sorry that I’ll have to break the last 3 rules; it’s been a long while since I last browsed any blogs, so whoever reads this, consider yourself nominated! 😉

As per Nancy’s questions, here I go:

1. Tell us something about yourself that isn’t in your About page.

I refuse to believe that life is unfair. Unfair things do happen, but only because they’re meant to change you in a fair way.

2. What’s one thing you can call yourself good at?

Other than being a bookworm who loves to write? Umm, photography perhaps??

3. Something you are/were once obsessed with?

I’m an obsessive person, so the list is endless. I can randomly highlight my obsession with punctuation and grammar!

4. What is your most commonly used word?

“Mam mam ma”! Which technically is not a word at all, yet it’s what I voice to mock everything and everybody! Mocking is necessary for my well-being! 😛

5. What is the happiest you’ve ever been?

That’s a tricky question! One can’t easily isolate that distinct moment; all the moments you have lived are entangled together to spin your life. (Wise much??) 😛

6. What’s one thing you’ve always been curious about? Or wanting to try/learn?

A bunch of things; skydiving, scuba-diving, mountain climbing, surfing… The sort of things that flood you with adrenaline.

7. If you were writing a novel, what would be the names of the male and female protagonists?

LOL! I have like 4 works in progress, and haven’t yet settled on the names in any of them! When I get stuck , I refer to my characters as “Protagonist”, “Friend 1”, “Mother”, “Bad guy 1”, “Bad guy 2”, etc.

8. What, in your opinion, is the most interesting place in the world? And why?

Antarctica I guess! Maybe because I have never seen real snow in my entire life, and Antarctica is all about snow!

9. What is the most personal topic you’ve thought to/did blog about?

The story of my life, but I’m saving that until my plot gets more intriguing! 😉

10. If you could change one thing about your life, what would it be?

I’d definitely make myself less reluctant, if only we had a cure for procrastination!

UpBeAt ViBeS.. A new page!

Well, you might already know I am an admin of the Facebook page “LeT’s StAy MoTiVaTeD“; or actually was. I’ve deactivated my account and created a new one (a very long story), and have consequently lost my admin access to the page.

So I created a brand new page, and I need your support. Please Like the page (on Facebook, not this post)! Here’s the link:


Confessions of a semi-doctor: (17) Counting down!

Alright. I can see the end emerging at the horizon! Final exams’ schedule is declared, the grand finale shall start on November 16, and guess what happens on December 23! I WILL FINALLY GRADUATE! The mere thought lifts me up on cloud 9!