Dumb Ways to Die!

This is hilariously sick, and somehow cute!


White-coated ramblings: (1) ‘Cause bureaucracy sucks!

So today was my first day as an intern doctor. Let me tell you something about hospital internships in Egypt, you know, it’s kind of like Grey’s Anatomy, except that it’s nothing like Grey’s Anatomy! I’ll be thoroughly talking about this, but not today. Stay posted!

What happened today was a cycle of pleading and begging. Why? Because Egyptian “public servants” are heartless and always bad-tempered. Originally, I was listed in one of the ministry’s hospitals, but I filed a request to be moved to my med school’s educational hospital (not today’s story), let’s just focus on the fact that I DID hand the request to the woman in the corresponding office.

Consequently, I should’ve found my name automatically listed in the hospital’s schedules, which hasn’t happened! You don’t want  to know the details, because it’s so boring, but to cut the story short, they lost my request, and I had to spin around and get shooed from one office to another to file a new one, begging  the employees to just answer my Goddamned questions!

On the plus side, I finally have been listed in pediatrics with cool friends. But we have a night shift tomorrow! Yep, my first ER shift ever is tomorrow! Stay tuned!

Confessions of a semi-doctor: (14) A series of unfortunate events!


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It all starts at 12:10 pm.. I wake up in panic, for my surgery revision class has already started!  I dress up in rush, and dash to the street. Luckily, the centre where the class is held is a 5-minute-walk! Temperature, however, is like hell and sun is licking my face, not to mention the fact that I am FASTING. I need a ride!

I keep walking, hoping that a cab will show up and save me, but no sign! Few seconds later, I stumble upon my cousin’s car and he drives me to the centre! Phew!

Finally, I am here. An hour late, thirsty and sweaty,  but better than missing the whole class. I’m ready to pay the fees to the clerk when he tells me the class is CANCELLED!!

Gathering my strength, I drag myself back home. No empty cabs pass by.. When I’m few steps away from home, I decide to get into the market and buy some grocery, the day has to be useful one way or another.. I carry a handful of goods to the cashier, but I drop the yoghurt  all over the floor before getting there! Thank God it hasn’t spilled!

“48 pounds!”  Says the man. When I look into my wallet, I only find 25! Had to give back half the stuff, and to take the jumbled yoghurt of course!

An hour later, when I check my phone, I find 1 unread message from a friend saying this:

The revision has been cancelled!!

Dear weather,

Source: Google.com

Source: Google.com

We’re technically supposed to still be in winter, aren’t we?! Well, either “global warming” has monsterized to thrust its clutches into your soothing chill, or perhaps, the world is just coming to an end! You know, Egypt is meant to be a “warm” zone, but 34ْ C with spring emerging at the horizon is just too much! Sir, what have you saved for summer??!

Today your heat made me feel as if my eyes were replaced by a pair of poached eggs when I walked the street, my brain was on the verge of a meltdown and I wore that crazed look of zombies. I certainly am not the only sufferer, people are going mad out there!

I hope you read my message and reconsider your behavior, maybe you should see a doctor, ’cause sir, we do need you to recover.


Why I love watching Psych!

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All of the series that drove me to laugh, the most hilarious one is Psych. I remember randomly stumbling by it few years back on TV, and I ended up stalking every episode of every season. So here’s why it hooked me:

* Comedy is neither about clumsily lame body movements nor throwing some jokes and “driving them into the ground” to waste time. That’s why I’ve never been such a huge fan of sitcoms, and that’s exactly what I love about Psych. The whole situation would crack you up without any exaggeration.

* Gus; the sincere friend and Lassie; the self-centered unfriendly cop! Although non of them is the main character  I come to believe they are the real stars of the show! You need to watch it to see how it works.

* The state of mind. I find the idea of a brilliantly observant guy pretending to be a psychic and using his wits to work with the police on solving  crimes very appealing.

That’s pretty much enough for now.. What are your favorite comedy series??

2012.. Bits and pieces!

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

600 people reached the top of Mt. Everest in 2012. This blog got about 7,600 views in 2012. If every person who reached the top of Mt. Everest viewed this blog, it would have taken 13 years to get that many views.

In 2012, there were 45 new posts, growing the total archive of this blog to 77 posts. There were 257 pictures uploaded, taking up a total of 54 MB. That’s about 5 pictures per week.

The busiest day of the year was March 13th with 145 views. The most popular post that day was Five people I can never trust!

Click here to see the complete report.

Bibliophilia: (3) A Book of Nonsense

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I was flipping through my Kobo reader the other day when I stumbled upon this book. As referred the author  Edward Lear, the book is plain nonsense. However, once you begin his 112 rhyming pieces, you can’t help but get sucked in and keep reading and laughing out loud at how absurdly they crack you up! 😀

My favorite pieces:

1. “There was an Old Person of Mold, Who shrank from sensations of cold; So he purchased some muffs, Some furs and some fluffs, And wrapped himself from the cold.”

2. “There was an Old Man in a tree, Who was horribly bored by a Bee; When they said, “Does it buzz?” He replied, “Yes, it does! “It’s a regular brute of a Bee!”

3. “There was an Old Person of Tartary, Who divided his jugular artery; But he screeched to his wife, And she said, “Oh, my life! Your death will be felt by all Tartary!”

4. “There was an Old Man of Berlin, Whose form was uncommonly thin; Till he once, by mistake, Was mixed up in a cake, So they baked that Old Man of Berlin.”

Confessions of a semi-doctor: (11) Hooray!

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*Happy dance* Wooh! 14 months of mental and physical spinning have finally come to an end! I still can’t believe I don’t have to dive into jams of medical books for a while, that I’ll wake up whenever I feel like it, watch as much TV as my eyes can tolerate, have time to revive my NaNoWriMo dead word count, get to catch up with friends I haven’t seen for long, earn my drivers’ license, join swimming classes though winter is coming already, lose much weight, and the list could go on forever! 😀

And most importantly, I will get back to aching your heads with my rumbling! 😀

Happy ends??

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Happy ends don’t only exist in movies. The trick is that a movie lasts for two hours, while your life lasts a lifetime!

Don’t rush, if things didn’t end up the way you wanted, you should know it’s not the end! 😀

What if I hadn’t had a blog?!

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It’s been a year.. On today’s date last year, I was blogless! It got me wondering, what would I have been doing right now if I hadn’t accidentally created this blog?? And it didn’t take me much thinking to realize this blog has taught me a lot. I expected nothing when I started, but it turned out this little space might have changed my life!

Well, if I hadn’t had a blog…


  • I would’ve been sharing my thoughts on Facebook and they would’ve ended up read by few tagged friends who always give a good feed ’cause I’m their friend! Blogging is more professional, it’s talking to the world, and if people didn’t like your blog, they simply would abandon it!

  • I would’ve not met amazing new people who love to write and share my same interests and views. Where else would we have met?

  • I would’ve not improved my English.. Yes, I’ve learnt much language by reading for others and have found out as well new ways and styles to speak out..

  • I would’ve had a messed up schedule.. Blogging is all about arranging your thoughts and creating time out of no where!

  • I would’ve not exercised my patience.. Checking my traffic and waiting for likes, comments and all! 😉

  • YOU would’ve not found my lovely blog! 😛 😉

What if you hadn’t had a blog??