White-coated ramblings: (6) The devil wears a white gown!

Previously in “white-coated ramblings”:

“Let’s just state the fact that crying kids are my least favorite creatures. Sick-screaming kids, on the other hand, are my personal imagination of an alien master plot to dominate earth.”

Okay, now it turns out sick kids are the sweetest creatures ever existed, because when it comes to women in labor, well… that’s what I believe is the core of all villainy!

You think I’m exaggerating? No sir! Try having a 12-hour shift at a room with a minimum of 6 women, each one screams her guts out, each one begs and pleads “I can’t!”, “Stop it!”, “Oh God!” or “I need an analgesic!”, and each one is being yelled at to shut the hell up! I have no idea how they manage to synchronize their screams! And you’re supposed, amid  all this chaos, to think and function. You have to measure their blood pressure, pulse, and temperature every hour (by the time you’re done, the next hour has already begun), you have to obtain blood samples, insert cannulae in these demons, and you have to watch how every uterine contraction is transmitted into a complex facial expression of severe agony!

And then comes the “PUSH” phase. Oh, did I mention how giving birth is painfully disgusting??

It’s been a month, and I’ve taken shifts almost everyday. My circadian rhythm is doomed for good, and my caffeine dependence has turned into addiction. So can’t we  just accept that women in white gowns are devils in disguise?!

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Confessions of a semi-doctor: (17) Counting down!

Alright. I can see the end emerging at the horizon! Final exams’ schedule is declared, the grand finale shall start on November 16, and guess what happens on December 23! I WILL FINALLY GRADUATE! The mere thought lifts me up on cloud 9!

Confessions of a semi-doctor: (16) Flashbacks!

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Today is first day back to schools! It doesn’t , however, apply on senior med-schoolers simply because we haven’t yet finished the year before. Anyway, while my sister dressed up for her high school and brother went off to college, I kept remembering the little kid who made a scene on her first day at KG!

I was a delicate three-and-a-half-year-old kiddy whose sense of security boiled down to the word; mom! I couldn’t apprehend being left with kids I had never met before, doing activities I wasn’t used to. A storm of screams and cries had launched and nothing, absolutely nothing could tame it, even candies!  I remember when mom eventually gave up, she took me to the school’s playground and sat by my side on a swing until I cooled off. Then she took me home! It took me like a week to adapt!

My first day at college was quite the same, except that I was crying inside. I was a naive 16-year-old teen, completely unaware of what awaits me. Mom couldn’t lull me; she was abroad and totally out of reach. Dad, however, drove me to college and left right away. My aunt who graduated from that very place, nevertheless, was a great company. I will never forget the shock when I entered that lectures’ hall for the very first time! Literally, more than a thousand students sat there, in the same room, innocent-faced and confused, just like I was! 

We grow up so fast, don’t we?!

Confessions of a semi-doctor: (14) A series of unfortunate events!


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It all starts at 12:10 pm.. I wake up in panic, for my surgery revision class has already started!  I dress up in rush, and dash to the street. Luckily, the centre where the class is held is a 5-minute-walk! Temperature, however, is like hell and sun is licking my face, not to mention the fact that I am FASTING. I need a ride!

I keep walking, hoping that a cab will show up and save me, but no sign! Few seconds later, I stumble upon my cousin’s car and he drives me to the centre! Phew!

Finally, I am here. An hour late, thirsty and sweaty,  but better than missing the whole class. I’m ready to pay the fees to the clerk when he tells me the class is CANCELLED!!

Gathering my strength, I drag myself back home. No empty cabs pass by.. When I’m few steps away from home, I decide to get into the market and buy some grocery, the day has to be useful one way or another.. I carry a handful of goods to the cashier, but I drop the yoghurt  all over the floor before getting there! Thank God it hasn’t spilled!

“48 pounds!”  Says the man. When I look into my wallet, I only find 25! Had to give back half the stuff, and to take the jumbled yoghurt of course!

An hour later, when I check my phone, I find 1 unread message from a friend saying this:

The revision has been cancelled!!

Confessions of a semi-doctor: (13) Back to spinning!

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Source: Facebook.

It never gets any easier; the whole med-school-spinning dilemma. Though it feels pretty satisfying to be the eldest in your college, the bulk you’re supposed to study isn’t pleasing whatsoever!

I’ve always knew “Obs & Gynae” is disgusting, but it has also been proved to be extremely boring; I’m not glad to say it, but when it comes to medicine, women suck! Regarding General Surgery, well, it seems much less boring, but as for a student who ultimately wishes to specialize in ophthalmo-surgery, eye is the only organ that really appeals me..

And here I am, whirling for one last year, holding on my hopes to get out with enough sanity!

Confessions of a semi-doctor: (12) Good times don’t last!


Boom! School’s coming back! Well, ten days from now I’ll be doing it all over again; getting up early, following schedules, spinning everywhere and the whole dilemma of med-school!

The only good news is, this year is my 6th and FINAL year, oh yeah, 12 unceasing tough more months to survive before I rock as a doctor! 😀

Confessions of a semi-doctor: (10) Halfway there!

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*Sighs* It’s been 25 days since exams knocked the door; 25 sluggish-paced stressful nights with all their anxiety and insanity have passed! I’ve come across ten exams so far, which are for the record, just ONE subject! Yes, medicine is crazy!

I still am ahead of upcoming 25 harsh days, and it’s pathetic how all students in the country, no wait, all students in the world have finished their exams, started their vacation, finished their vacation and got back to school while we’re still stuck in the year before! Yep, did I ever mention that 5th year in med-school is 14 months??!


Confessions of a semi-doctor: (9) It’s time to panic!

This year’s curriculum!
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Twenty days ahead, coming with thousands of pages before final exams flood me for a month and a half! I still have no idea how I’d manage to finish all these books, in fact, I know I would never! There’s always a book or two that remain never opened, not mention a bunch of pages in each book.. It’s my ultimate procrastinator’s habit!

However, it’s so complicated this year; you can’t just leave a book unread, ’cause all the chapters are connected! I’m not used to racing the time, so now I guess is the right moment to panic!

Confessions of a semi-doctor: (8) Five best things about med-school..

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Well, I realized my latest post about college might have reflected “some” negativity, so I thought it’d be fair enough to mention the bright side of the story..

  • We’re on the ship together:

Being in the same class with the same people for 7 years raises that spirit of familiarity;  there’s that common sense of humour and everybody offers their best to help.. It’s one for all and all for one.. 🙂

  • Unleashing your inner doc!

You might think it’s silly, but it feels so good to understand what doctors say, especially on TV! I feel super when I catch up with diagnosis in House or Grey’s Anatomy! 😛

  • The bliss of being normal!

Exploring pain and misery everyday has its benefits; it leaves you thankful for being granted the bliss of health.. And learning how perfectly coordinated your body is can turn your perspectives up side down, it’s amazing!

  • What doesn’t break you leaves you stronger!

I was a 16 year-old naïve teenager when I first stepped into med-school, how cute! And if I think back and rewind the past five years, every tough moment I went through have left a print in my character. I become a lot stronger and much more independent every year.. It’s not easy to learn, but it’s also pretty awesome! 🙂

  • It all pays off!

Doesn’t matter where or what you specialize, ’cause in one way or another, you’re going to help someone get better or save their life, which is the core reason why we all want to be doctors! 🙂

Confessions of a semi-doctor: (6) Signs!

“A good doctor is a good observer.” Our professors keep saying! In fact, the effort a medical student exerts revolves mostly around obtaining that fine skill of watching. It’s all about scanning your patients for clues, and grasping threads that lead you to a close view of whatever illness they have.. Things referred to as “signs” in every medical book..

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It’s confusing as you begin learning, for it ain’t that easy to “decode” those “signs”, analyze them and get a conclusion within few minutes, but eventually your eyes end up detecting random passers-by in the street!

The other day, I saw a slowly walking old man with shivering lips. I found myself subconsciously observing the tremors appearing in his hands, then “Parkinsonism” came on my mind! Today, I saw a man with a staring look and protruding eyes, I automatically shifted my gaze to his neck pulsations to find them pounding strongly, then “Thyrotoxicosis” gleamed in my head!!

I know it’s awkward, but if you found someone staring at you, don’t freak out, it might be a harmless doctor trying to figure out what you have! 😛 😛