Confessions of a semi-doctor: (13) Back to spinning!

Source: Facebook.

Source: Facebook.

It never gets any easier; the whole med-school-spinning dilemma. Though it feels pretty satisfying to be the eldest in your college, the bulk you’re supposed to study isn’t pleasing whatsoever!

I’ve always knew “Obs & Gynae” is disgusting, but it has also been proved to be extremely boring; I’m not glad to say it, but when it comes to medicine, women suck! Regarding General Surgery, well, it seems much less boring, but as for a student who ultimately wishes to specialize in ophthalmo-surgery, eye is the only organ that really appeals me..

And here I am, whirling for one last year, holding on my hopes to get out with enough sanity!


3 thoughts on “Confessions of a semi-doctor: (13) Back to spinning!

  1. I know right?? I mean, how do women manage to aspire to be gynos at all? The first time I saw a normal delivery I pretty much decided to go celibate lol. Or adopt. Or something.

    Ps. Opthal is so cool!! 😀

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